So you'd think that having teaching in 2019, and being used to a class of 24 pupils every hour, teaching two adults for the afternoon would be a doddle. Well that said, some of my classes have been 'eventful' - you know who you are :)

Rather than schedule specific classes; jewellery, buttons, abstracts,  for  a specific day I like to be flexible and accommodate your requests.


Just pop into my open studio at the Phoenix workshop and we can arrange a tme to suit you.


To make sure you get the attentoion, you deserve, I take a maximum of two, (no younger than secondary school).

The work is absorbing and classes take approx 2 1/2 hours  - but people often stay longer - once you start its hard to stop.

Cost Individual tuition - £50 for a morning or afternoon, and £35/per person for 2 people.


Instagram: @popplestonestudio

Facebook: Popplestone Studio

Phoenix Craft Studio, Porthmelon, St Marys, Isles Of Scilly