Throughout her life Emma Kate has visited the Scilly Isles, experiencing the calming majesty of these unique islands, “The tides create ever changing views and colours, meaning you can never grow tired of the place. Never more than a few metres from  the sea, you  are constantly  touched by  coastal wind, which  creates  a sense of energy that makes the Scilly Isles very special.”


This sense of a felt but unseen energy is one of the influences behind Emma’s work - exploring harmony and balance that can be found in colours, patterns, and cultures, “I find more understanding in the things I see rather than the things I hear"


Emma Kate's creative journey continues to evolve. Her work combines traditional and modern techniques to fashion beautiful, bespoke, delicate and distinctive pieces.


Previously she lived and worked as a teacher in North Yorkshire for over twenty years.  Born in West Bromwich, she first took an interest in agriculture after leaving school, achieving a degree in Agricultural Technology and Management from Silsoe College.


Her exposure to Graphic Design, at ICI,  as Assistant Grassland Market Manager and Market Research Executive in  Product Development at ICI  Dulux, along with a flyaway comment from a friend (who noted her husband was ‘doing the job Emma Kate always dreamed of ‘)  propelled her down a new path . Emma Kate trained and qualified as a Teacher


Emma Kate moved to the Isles of Scilly in January 2019.

She works in Popplestone Studio, upstairs in Phoenix Art Studio.


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