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Emma Kate's creative journey continues to evolve. Her work combines traditional and modern techniques to fashion beautiful, bespoke, delicate and distinctive pieces.


Hello, my name is Emma, some people know me as the button lady. like many people,


I was a repeat visitor to the islands. Since the age of two I have spent my annual holiday here where I have watched my three gorgeous children (young adults now – gorgeous young adults) play in the same rock pools and beaches I played in as a child.


I moved over to the Scillies in January 2019. Previously, I lived in North Yorkshire, where I worked as a design and technology teacher for over twenty years. I was thrilled to be offered a unit at Phoenix Studio’s where I could develop my ideas and techniques. My work has grown, and I have developed methods and products using polymer clay in delicate and intricate ways.


My creative journey continues to evolve. In March 2020, supported by the IOS Voucher Scheme, I installed a laser cutter. This will allow me to develop digital designs and offer a range of individual and personalised designs and products.

I am looking forward to combining hand worked and modern techniques to fashion beautiful, bespoke, delicate and distinctive pieces. In my work I like to explore the harmony and balance that can be found in colours, patterns, and cultures.


Moving to the Scillies has been amazing. I find these unique Islands very calming.

The tides create ever changing views and colours, meaning you can never grow tired of the place. I’m never more than a few metres from the sea, and I am constantly touched by coastal winds, a felt but unseen energy that I love.


Moving hasn’t been without its challenges. Trying to renovate a house in one of the wettest winters (so I’m told) has been slow/stationary. We have been visited by many storms, and family members - both of which have left their own trail of disruption.


I live and work on the Scillies and feel very blessed.

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