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001 - finger knitted OCTOPUS - some entries

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thank you to everyone for sending me photos of their Octopus - they are wonderful. There were some interesting material improvisations for those of you who didn't have any wool.

Jelly - When she laughs she wobbles like Jelly

Non resident - Junior

Agnes - a shy octopus who uses camouflage to hide herself

non resident, 19-69 years

Phil - the Octospud

non resident , 19 - 69 years

These are Odin, Otillia, Odessa, Oscar, Orlando and Oppy the octopuses. They are a family of six, from Old town, Isles of Scilly. Oppy is the baby octopus, Odessa and Oscar are twins and Orlando is Otillia and Odin’s oldest. Odin is actually a member of the Royal National Octopus Institution (RNOI), similar to the humans RNLI. He patrols the Old town bay waters, looking for other octopuses that are in danger or need of help. He keeps his pager on him at all times in case there’s a call out. All of his children want to join the RLOI when they’re old enough! And be just like there dad. Otillia is very supportive of her husband and does fundraising for the RNOI regularly. All of her children help, making loads of crab cakes for the weekly cake sale ! Last year they made 40,000 pysk and aim to beat that number this year!

Resident, 19 -69 years

Wolverhampton Will

non resident, Junior

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