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polymer clay minitures

12.5 cm x 12.5 cm

mixed media

Over the years I have had a go at using different media and techniques; pen and ink on hand made paper, water colour, acrylics and computer aided design. I have always been envious of artists who have a 'style' - style has eluded me.


In recent years I have stated working in polymer clay, using the 'klimt' technique to make my buttons. Extruding different colour combinations of clay through a small hole (2.5mm for my pictures) to make a really long 'noodle'. Cut into the noodle, its a bit like a stick of rock, you get shapes within shapes. I cut the noodles up to create tiny little 'mosaics'.  

With my pictures, I hand place each tiny mosaic to create the image. It is really time consuming, but totally absorbing and relaxing. You can have an idea in your head but you really do have to respond to what you see. Its little bit like creating your own jigsaw.

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